Food Products

Marketing Strategy

Project Summary

Objectives: To reposition the identity of “Kausar” as a premium quality brand, selling recipe mixes, plain spices and other food products.

Execution: Firstly,product packaging and SKU’s were standardized for all categories that gave the brand the much needed uniformity and identity. Free trial gift packs were distributed in collages, parks, food streets and shopping centers. Key stores were branded with fascias, gondolas and danglers. A product catalogue listing Kausar’s entire range was also published and distributed both in the local and foreign markets. To support the website, an app was also launched containing product information with order codes to promote bulk purchase and export.

Proposed strategy:To uniform product packaging and standardized SKU’s. Intensively use BTL tools to create curiosity, trail and product recognition in the local market. For the international market use the digital platform to establish brand’s presence and persona as well as B2B communication.

Results: The feedback from storeowners and managers regarding the consumers demand for Kausar’s recipe mixes and other food productswere very encouraging and also reflected in the sales figures. Free trail also helped create a positive word of mouth for the brand. With its USP being superior taste and quality, Kausar is steadily giving the established brands a tough competition, as it continues to gain recognition as a common household brand.

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