Corporate Communication, Third Party Publication

Project Summary

Objectives:To develop an effective medium of communication to help bridge the gap in the organization, encourage a healthy work environment, boost employee confidence, strengthen bonds with investors and distributors and create a positive image of the firm.

Proposed strategy:To develop a monthly newsletter featuring the companies on going activities, message from key members of the management and marketing & sales team, launch events, success stories, employee performance, product information, upcoming events, sharing of common interest articles and a lot more. The newsletter would be distributed among all employees of the firm and sent to all distributors, investors and key media representatives.

Execution:Among the shortlisted titles for the newsletter, “Qnetwork” was unanimously selected as it clearly defined the newsletter’s purpose; connecting all members of the organization via a common platform and exchange of information. The first issue was a 56-pages booklet representing Pakistan No. 1 selling Smart Phone Brand.

Results:The entire organization welcomed this initiative with great enthusiasm and showed keen interest in working together to make this a successful practice. The distributors too felt proud to be associated with the brand and vouched to work with the marketing and sales teams together for further growth.

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