Royal Residencia

Launch Strategy, Promotional Collateral

Project Summary

Objectives: To launch Royal Residencia as a luxury-housing scheme, having a futuristic architecture design, world-class amenities and security services.

Proposed strategy:To attract all potential investors by creating a 360 campaign highlighting the many benefits of the housing scheme. Digital platform would also be used to interact with investors and create a positive image of the project.

Execution:Execution: Firstly, color black, which represents royalty and supremacy, was chosen and a unique pattern consisting of kite shape petals were merged to form a beautiful

background for all artworks. Images depicting a luxury living were used to communicate the various, marla villas, amenities and services across all outdoor and print media collateral. Not only a website, but a special app featuring complete project details with master plans, virtual tour and message option for further communication was also created. Promotional gift hampers were also distributed.

Results:The campaign was a great success as it generated a lot of hype, attracted a large number of investors and was able to establish Royal Residencia as the dream luxury homeā€¦ now a reality.

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