Tabba Heart Institute

Marketing Strategy, Promotional Collateral

Project Summary

Objectives:To celebrate World Heart Day and spread awareness about heart disease and stroke prevention.

Proposed strategy:Proposed strategy: To create a 360 campaign in line with the international theme “take the road to a healthy heart” along with educating the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Execution:Outdoor branding, mall activation, THI hospital branding, free blood pressure check mobile clinics, park activities and distribution of promotional

collateral. Various TV shows were aired where doctors explained several preventive measures and cooking shows taught people to cook heart healthy foods.

Results:The campaign received an over whelming response; encouraging hundreds of people to visit the mobile clinics for free checkup and advice. Fun activities organized at parks and malls also attracted participation of people of all ages. Moreover, high ratings of the TV shows were recorded and received a great response from the audience.

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